The easy to use conference call for more green.

GreenConference 087 000 1971 is the conference call service which offers you the same ease and instant access, and.. we contribute 5 cent per minute to foundations that support The Netherlands in becoming (even) more green and clean.

Same costs

For using GreenConference you do not pay any start up fees or monthly subscriptions. The only thing you need is your fixed line or mobile phone. The participant who uses the service pays 15 Eurocent per minute (including VAT). There are no hidden set-up or reservation costs.

Same ease

For using the teleconferencing service you do not have to sign in and make reservations. You can use GreenConference 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Without intervention of an operator, immediatly conference calling

You agree on a conference access code with the other attendees prior to the meeting. You will determine this code yourself. At the agreed time each attendee calls 087 000 1971 or the international access number +31 20 240 1987. You will hear a menu. To start or attend the teleconference press '1', then enter the code you agreed on and you will join the conference.

From abroad you can join a GreenConference meeting by dialing the internatiol access number +31 20 240 1987. For this option at least one participant has to dial in from the Netherlands.

If you need further explanation, please have a look at the frequently asked questions or dial 087 000 1971 and press option "4" or send an email to