Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation for my meeting?
No. You can use GreenConference anytime, without making a reservation.
How do I obtain a conference access code?
You just think of one yourself, including the number of digits it consists of. GreenConference advises to use at least four digits and not to use codes that are too simple to guess.
Is there a simple way to create and remember a conference access code?
You could create a password and convert it to an access code using the alphabetic characters on the keypad of your phone.
Should I notify GreenConference of my conference access code in advance?
No. You should only share it with invitees of your meeting.
What is the usage charge of GreenConference?
Only the actual use of GreenConference is charged. The charges are billed by your mobile or fixed operator. You will find these charges on your bill under premium rate services. The rate is € 0,15 per attendee / per minute (€ 0,126 excl. VAT). People who attend from abroad pay a fee that depends on the country they are dialing in from. No hidden charges, no reservation fees.
Why is GreenConference inexpensive?
The use of GreenConference requires no operator assistance. So GreenConference does not have to employ people to plan and initiate meetings. GreenConference does however have a well staffed helpdesk to answer your questions. You may contact our helpdesk by choosing option '4'.
Can I pay the charge for guests that join my meeting?
For most telephone switchboards (PBX's) this is possible. This is how it works. First you call your guest and welcome him. Second you dial 087 000 1971 and start (or join) the meeting. Then you transfer your guest to GreenConference. For more information see the instructions of you PBX/phone. You can repeat this procedure to connect more attendees to your meeting.
Is there a limit to the duration of the conference?
No. Your meeting may last as long as you like.
How many attendees can join my meeting?
Technically the amount of attendees is unlimited. For larger meetings it is sensible to agree on certain rules, i.e. only one participant speaks at a time and states his name before starting to talk.
Can uninvited people join my meeting?
No. Only people that enter the agreed conference access code can enter your meeting. For this reason it is important not to use codes like 0000 or 1234. GreenConference advises you to use at least a four digit code. You are free to use longer codes. The creation of your code is your own responsibility as well as sharing it with other people.
Can someone enter my meeting undetected?
No. Each time someone enters the meeting a clear acoustic signal can be heard.
Can participants join from outside The Netherlands?
Yes. Attendees from abroad may dial the international access number. Please note that at least one attendee has to dial-in via the 0900-1987 number in The Netherlands.
Do participants who dial in from abroad receive English instructions?


Dialing in from abroad using my Dutch mobile phone does not work.
Some foreign mobile operators only send the Dutch phone number as Calling Line Identification (CLI). If this is the case GreenConference determines that someone in the Netherlands is trying to access a meeting through +31 20 240 1987 which is not allowed. A possible solution might be to dial 087 000 1971 instead or +31 87 000 1971. If this still does not work, please use a fixed or mobile phone from the country that you are dialing from.
Dialing 087-numbers is not allowed in our organization. What should I do?
Some organizations have configured their telephone switchboard (PBX) in a way that blocks dialing of 087-numbers. This may be resolved by assigning an internal number to redirect to 087 000 1971. The telephone switchboard (PBX) may also be configured to allow dialing the GreenConference 087 000 1971 number, without unblocking other 087-numbers. For the best solution in your case, please contact the ICT-manager in your organization. A workaround may also be to use your mobile phone.
GreenConference does not respond to the keys I press on my phone.
Possibly your phone needs to be activated to send so called DTMF-signals. Please check the instructions of your phone. Ericsson PBX-phones are known to require pressing '9' to activate DTMF. This needs to be repeated for each call that requires DTMF.

Do you have a question that is not addressed here? Please call 087 000 1971 or the international access number and choose option '4' for personal assistance or send an e-mail