Double green

More forest

GreenConference wants more forests in the Netherlands. More forests means more fun and more clean air.

At this moment about 10% of the Netherlands is forest. We think that there is room for more. In particular arround urban areas. So everybody can enjoy it.

More forest also means more clean air. A full grown tree swallows about 50 kg CO2 a year. If we would grow to 15% forest in the Netherlands that would be 3,5 million extra trees that would absorb approximately 70.000 ton CO2. This is only a small percentage of our total emission, but however almost as much as the emission of 8.000 families1.

Travel less, less emissions

GreenConference stands for a modern way of working; flexible, from home or work.

By using teleconference meetings, you travel less kilometers, therefore reducing your emissions of CO2. An average car has an emissions of 1 kilogram for every 5 kilometers. An average teleconference meeting has 3,8 participants.

Assuming that every teleconference meeting requires 50 km less traveling than a regular meeting at the office, this means with 5 teleconference meetings a year you prevent as much CO2 emission as a tree absorbs in average a year. 

1Sources Stichting Milieu Centraal, stichting Milieunet and TNO.

Assumptions; from 10% to 15% forest in the Netherlands means from 3.447 km2 to 1.723 km2 forest. Thinking that there are 2.000 trees at every km2 this means 3,5 million trees, to absorb 70.000 ton CO2, which is consistent with the emission of 7.778 families.

In the period from 1996 until 2006 the total forrest area in The Netherlands grew by 2,7% (95 m2 km)