GreenConference donates 5 cents per minute

GreenConference donates in total 5 Eurocent per minute to the initiatives  Nationale Boomfeestdag, Bomenstichting and Boom voor Boom Fonds van Natuurmonumenten.

Your conference call with GreenConference contributes to making the Netherlands more green.
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CO2 emission reduction

Meeting through a conferencing facility instead of meeting face to face decreases CO2 emmissions with 50 kg average. The same amount of CO2 that a grown up tree can absorb in a year.
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Teleconferencing is clean by nature. One of the leading research institutes in The Netherlands, TNO, has concluded that companies that facilitate working from home and offer tools like teleconferencing can downsize their CO2 emmissions with 25%.
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Dial: 087 000 1971
(€ 0,15 per minuut)

Easy and instant teleconferencing
and contribute five cent per minute to make the Netherlands more green and clean.

  1. Determine a conference access code and a time and share it with the attendees.

  2. Each attendee calls 087 000 1971, or the international access number +31 20 240 1987.

  3. Enter the conference access code and you're ready to start the conference.

Participants calling from abroad call the international access number +31 20 240 1987.